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Austin - Travis County EMS

Preserving life, improving health and promoting safety; these are words that Austin-Travis County EMS lives by. The way in which they jump on the opportunity to help is simply inspirational. They do more than just respond to calls, but make a difference by seeking opportunities to help in moments of crises. Beyond the obvious service they provide, they give their community a sense of safety by truly caring about every member with whom they come into contact.

However, what makes the Austin-Travis County EMS stand out the most is, in one word, its diversity. The diversity in responders has allowed the EMS to respond to a variety of different emergency situations. The City Of Austin-Travis County area is certainly a unique one, ranging from rural to urban areas. Within the past ten years, the density of the downtown areas has increased, changing the function and needs of their EMS. This year alone, they have had approximately 120,000 calls, which are expected to increase as the city grows vertically. As the population of the city grows, new challenges arise that were not there in the years past. For example, maneuverability in a populated downtown setting becomes increasingly important. This ability is contrasted with the need to respond quickly in rural areas, which generally requires distant drives. This is especially a challenge due to the limited locations to cross the river that runs through the county. Equipped with experienced, highly trained and motivated responders, Austin-Travis County EMS has stepped up to the challenge, proven by all the lives they have impacted and saved.

Austin-Travis County EMS puts the safety of their patients first, shown by their continuous improvement in their reliability of service. By establishing a team to manage the EMS garage, the number of vehicle failures has dropped. They have also reduced the amount of time it takes from when they receive an emergency call to the delivery of the patient to the emergency room. Although the national goal, also known as "The Golden Hour," is to deliver a patient within an hour of a call, Austin Travis County EMS routinely beats this standard by a fraction of the time. This is in part because of the safety features and innovations provided by their vehicles, but mostly because of their honest dedication to the safety the people of the City Of Austin and Travis County.

Austin-Travis County EMS has one of the highest cardiac arrest save rates in the Nation. How did they achieve this? Besides the optimal medical care they provide, trained bystanders are one of the reasons that this rate is so high. Going beyond their duties as responders, they reach out and educate their community to promote safety. From boy scouts to girl scouts, from community offices to schools, they educate their community and teach them how they can save a life. This gives the community knowledge to recognize when someone is in trouble and how they can help. The first few minutes can be crucial when saving a life, especially in the case of cardiac arrest. In cardiac arrest, immediate chest compressions make the biggest difference. Austin-Travis EMS encourages their community to "Take 10" to learn about this. This "Take 10" program teaches individuals compression and CPR techniques that greatly improve the likelihood of surviving cardiac arrest in only ten minutes.

The impact that Austin-Travis County EMS has had on their community is astronomical. Whether a small matter or the difference between life and death, they provide help wherever they can. Beyond the patients they've touched, they have taught thousands of people life saving techniques.

Wheeled Coach is honored to provide Austin-Travis County EMS with vehicles that are equipped with safety and meet their diverse needs. Extensive testing, such as center of gravity, side impact crash, corner impact drop and frontal impact hygee sled testing, reveals that Wheeled Coach is dedicated to the safety of responders, patients and members of the community alike. In fact, Wheeled Coach is the only ISO certified ambulance manufacturer in the United States. Wheeled Coach is a part of the National Truck Equipment Association Member Verification Program, a member of the AWS Certified Welders and a Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier. By using an ISO 17025 Certified Third Party testing lab, it is guaranteed that the safety regulations are truly met by using KKK-A-1822F certification criteria.