Featured Partner

Vanner Inc.

Vanner Inc, headquartered in Hilliard, Ohio has designed and manufactured rugged, reliable, and safe electronic equipment for emergency vehicles since 1977. Vanner technology meets or exceeds all GSA-KKK, AMD, CAAS, and NFPA requirements.

Vanner pioneered AC Power for ambulances in 1980 with the introduction of the Bravo inverter and has been the preferred supplier to Wheeled Coach for AC Power Inverter/Chargers, Electronic Flashers, and other vital electronic components for over 30 years.

To further improve Wheeled Coach's electrical power capability, Vanner introduced the LifeStar Power Module in 2008. LifeStar provides all of the ambulance's AC Power, DC Power, and Battery Charging needs in one component.

Vanner and Wheeled Coach have collaborated to offer patented idle reduction technology that allows ambulance operators to power electrical equipment and cab air conditioning while staged, with the engine off. Ask your Wheeled Coach representative about the benefits of SmartAir idle-reduction technology to reduce your fuel consumption and vehicle operating costs.

We are currently working on our next generation technology Revolution. It will provide all of the ambulance's electrical power and air-conditioning needs with the engine off. Stay tuned for future Revolution™ updates.

Do you want to know more about Vanner? Please view the videos and photo links below and visit our website at www.vanner.com. You will see why Vanner is the ambulance industry leader in electrical power conversion and energy management systems.

Thanks to Wheeled Coach and all of our valuable customers for your loyalty and support over the past 35 years.