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Onspot Automatic Tire Chains

Onspot of North America has been supplying ambulance and fire truck manufacturers with the Onspot Automatic Tire Chain system for over 26 years. The Onspot system was invented in Sweden in 1977.

The system allows the operator to engage and disengage tire chains without stopping to enhance traction in snow and ice in forward or reverse. A short video is on our web site onspot.com

Wheeled Coach has been an Onspot customer since 1988 and a picture of the recent Memphis "Onspot equipped" ambulances is attached. We are very thankful to Wheeled Coach for there loyalty and their business.

The Onspot product is supported by 5 Regional Managers in CT, IN, CO and CA and is available from over 200 oems as a factory installed option and for retrofit from over 1400 dealers throughout North America.

Automatic Tire Chains is our ONLY business!