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Peak Motor Coach 880 Brickyard Circle, Unit 140
Golden, CO 80403
Areas Covered:  Colorado, Wyoming, Montana
Phone: 303.295.0111
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Siddons-Martin Emergency Group (Located in Houston, TX)
Areas Covered:  New Mexico, Louisiana, Texas
Phone: 210.823.9584
Fax: 210.662.2930
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Feld Equipment Co, Inc. (Located in Carroll, IA)
Areas Covered:  Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri
Phone: 800.568.2403
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Chief Fire & Safety Co, Inc. 927 S.O. 4th St
Chickasha, OK 73023
Areas Covered:  Oklahoma
Phone: 800.522.4206
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Wheeled Coach dealers and service centers carry a wide variety of services and replacement parts. Our dealer and service center locations stock parts for all Wheeled Coach units and a large percentage of parts are applicable to other brands of EMS vehicles. To find a dealer or service center near you, enter your zip code below.

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International Dealers

    Abel DelRio - Ext. 214
    407-341-1452 (CELL)

    Bill de Leon Specialty Vehicles
    6338 Carrie Ann Court
    Orlando, Florida 32819
    407-352-1557 (PHONE)
    407-352-1557 (FAX)
    407-234-7590 (CELL)

    Zeppelinstraat 8 - 7903 BP Hoogeveen
    P.O.Box 2118 - 7900 BC Hoogeveen - The Netherlands
    KvK Meppel Dutch Rescue Vehicles BV: 08078477
    T: + 31(0) 528 25 37 00 T: + 31(0) 528 25

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Service Center Classification

  • A comprehensive repair facility capable of almost any repair to a Wheeled Coach product, including chassis. This type of facility can handle major collision damage, custom and restorative work.
  • A service facility with a moderate range of services and product support.
  • A smaller local generalist repair operation with a qualified but limited staff and facility size.
  • A specialty repair center with expertise limited to one or two areas. (Exp. Cabinet and Upholstery Repairs only)