Wheeled Coach ambulances, firemedic and rescue vehicles are the best in the industry. As the worlds largest ambulance manufacturer, Wheeled Coach carries a variety of vehicles manufactured specifically for your industry. Whether you're in the EMS, fire, rescue or defense industry — Wheeled Coach manufactures a vehicle specifically for you. We make emergency vehicles safer for both patient and crew, and at the same time, make them more efficient. Please take a moment to look at our different products and discover interesting facts and valuable product information to help you with your upcoming ambulance or fire rescue vehicle purchase.

Wheeled Coach understands that EMS is tough work; every situation has unique demands and you need an ambulance that is up to the challenge. Each of our Type I vehicles is computer-designed and manufactured to perform under the most demanding circumstances.

The Wheeled Coach Crusader Plus Ambulance. Offering more driver and passenger room, as well as increased payload capacities....

When you require maximum flexibility and strength for any situation, the versatile Type III by Wheeled Coach delivers. The multipurpose vehicle performs like a champ in virtually any environment.

Sometimes, a regular size ambulance just won’t do it. That’s why each and every Wheeled Coach Medical Attack Vehicle (MAV)TM is computer designed and manufactured to give you flexibility. Whether answering the demand for fire, rescue, EMS or specialized medical care, the MAV is built to accomplish the mission.