StealthPower Wheeled Coach is displaying Stealth Power’s Ambulance Idle Reduction System on a FDNY Ambulance in Booth 500. This innovative system provides standby power without engaging the engine, saving on fuel, harmful emissions and vehicle maintenance. The System powers electrical equipment including HVAC, lights, laptops, radios, and chargers for hours with the engine off. Recharges from alternator or shoreline.


SafePass Wheeled Coach's SafePASS system is designed specifically with your crew's safety in mind. The exterior door handles have large, deep wells for firm grip, even with heavy gloves. And the emergency "direct release" tabs allow for doors to be opened in the event an accident has bent the door lock control panel. Contact your sales representative to learn more.



ISO Wheeled Coach is the only ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturer in the industry. We keep our certification up-to-date by applying the best technology and manufacturing methods in our industry. You can be assured that our products meet the highest quality and product certifications.



DuraLite Every second in your ambulance rig can be crucial in saving a life. You need the right equipment and medicine to save those lives. You deserve storage that is customized to your needs, and dependable and durable enough to take the extreme conditions life throws at you every day.

DuraLite Cabinet Systems are the standard for quality and durability in the ambulance industry. These European-styled, fully customized cabinets can fit the needs of your rigs, and will stand the stress of emergency care. Our computerized production lines can customize your storage system to exact specifications quickly and easily.


Pure Air Filtration System

Pure Air Filtration System The Wheeled Coach patented Pure Air Filtration System™ (P.A.F.S) system is a self-contained, three filter system that removes dust, pollen, large particles and odors. Removes particles 0.3 microns or larger at an efficiency rate of 99.97% It is the only system that exceeds government K-Specs air exchange regulations.

For a free video on how Wheeled Coach Delivers this revolutionary system, call us at 1-800-422-8206.


Lifetime Electrical Warranty

Lifetime Electrical Warranty Electrical Warranty
Wheeled Coach proves its commitment to quality and durability with an exclusive Lifetime Electrical Warranty, standard on all Wheeled Coach units. And this warranty is valid for as long as you own the vehicle.

This warranty is made possible due to many Wheeled Coach innovations including the super high-tech self-diagnostic printed circuit board which features built-in relays and LED switch function analysis.