Wheeled Coach Industries, Inc. is the undisputed brand leader and has been for the past 20 years. What sets us apart from the competition, other than the quality of our products, is the Support and After Sales Service that we provide.

We encourage you to explore what we have to offer, but here are the highlights:

If you are looking for a previously owned vehicle, Wheeled Coach along with our dealer organization provides a comprehensive selection that will fit most any budget .After Market Parts stocks over $250,000 in parts and 95% of all orders are shipped within 24 hours.

Service Training is offered on a monthly basis and is provided to Wheeled Coach customers at no charge. This comprehensive program covers the full electrical system, air conditioning, routine maintenance instructions, etc.

Wheeled Coach provides some of the strongest warranties in the ambulance industry. LIFETIME Electrical System and LIFETIME Cabinet Construction warranties are standard. Nevertheless, if you need to file a warranty claim, obtain more information about your vehicle or need help troubleshooting, let us know. By the way, we have a 24 Hour Service Hot Line so you can speak to a Wheeled Coach Service Technician 24/7.