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Type 1, 2 & 3 Ambulances

As one of the oldest and largest ambulance manufacturers in the industry, our years of experience can ensure your crews have access to vehicles they can trust to meet the demands of their department and the scenes where they operate.

From our industry-leading manufacturing campus in Winter Park, Florida, Wheeled Coach has delivered more than 50,000 ambulances and rescue vehicles to municipal and commercial customers around the globe. That means you’re more likely to see a Wheeled Coach ambulance on the road today than any other brand.

What sets us apart? It’s our ability to build the same customized ambulance time and again with laser-focused consistency and precision. It’s the hard-working men and women who continue to innovate our ambulance designs. And it’s vehicles tough enough to handle any situation.


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Thanks to years of real-world experience operating under the harshest conditions, Wheeled Coach Type 1 ambulances deliver the ultimate in durability.

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Our Type 2 ambulances are built tough to meet and exceed the rigors of service they encounter, keeping responders and patients safe.

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The Wheeled Coach Type 3 ambulance is specially engineered to perform in the most challenging conditions, while delivering the reliability you need in the field.

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Our medium-duty ambulances are often referred to as “Medical Attack Vehicles” thanks to their effectiveness in the field.

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For an idea of what Wheeled Coach can offer your crew, take a look at some of the vehicles we’ve delivered to customers recently.

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Purpose-built ambulances designed for patient and first responder safety.

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Benefit your patients, your crew, your operational costs, and the environment.

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The redesigned CitiMedic ambulance delivers economy and efficiency to commercial EMS providers, as well as municipal departments.

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